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General Questions

About Holochain

Holochain provides a framework that can be used to build decentralized apps. You have your own chain, which you can add data to, including financial transactions. The data is stored in a decentralized way (like Bittorrent). The data has a hash, which is a mathematical fingerprint that corresponds to the data. If someone tampers with the data, the mismatch between the data and the hash will be noticed, and the data rejected as invalid. Digital signatures guarantee the authorship of the data. It’s Bittorrent plus git plus digital signatures.


About Holochain DevCamps  

Developers are the beating heart of what Holo is bringing into the world. Become a foundational developer of next-generation crypto apps! Our multi-day camps will hone your Holochain skills and tie you into our global community of devs, designers, and social hackers building the next Internet. This is a distributed, online camp, with a mixture of live events, self-paced tutorials, multimedia learning tools and asynchronous forums open to registrants only.


Who is the DevCamp for?

DevCamp is a technically-focused learning event specifically for developers who want to learn how to use Holochain to develop distributed apps. A basic understanding of coding, especially in Javascript and/or Rust is recommended.


What are the goals of DevCamp?

DevCamps have three main goals: 1) To help developers learn how to build things in Holochain; 2) to deepen understanding of important functions in Holochain; and 3) to build our network of like-minded coders. We encourage you to participate in DevCamps as they are available, and to connect with one another while you’re learning and beyond.


What is the schedule for DevCamp?

DevCamp November is scheduled to take place November 28 - December 3. Future DevCamps will take place on a variety of days and times to accommodate our global community.

How long is the DevCamp?

Each DevCamp takes place over 4-5 days, with live meetings at various times. See the full schedule for each Dev Camp by looking at the course description.


What is the curriculum for the DevCamp?

Each DevCamp is focused on learning more about specific functions in Holochain. The course is delivered through a combination of live events, self-paced tutorials and multi-media learning resources, and includes content for building functioning apps in Holochain. Learn more about each DevCamp by clicking on the course description.


What tools and resources will be provided?

You’ll have access to exclusive content, participant forums, and live events to help you learn specific functions in Holochain.


Will there be videos accompanied with the code assignments?

In some cases, videos will be a part of the course.


What skills are required to participate in the DevCamp?

Currently, DevCamps are for developers with a basic competency in writing code. All DevCamps will include a basic introduction to Holochain, which you can complete or skip based on your background and experience with Holochain. At this time, DevCamp is not appropriate for people with no coding experience.

What skills will I learn at DevCamp?

It depends on the DevCamp. See more details about this in the course description.


What's the best way for me to prepare for the DevCamp?

Mostly, ensure you have the time and tech to be able to participate in the live sessions. Course information will be available on each day’s schedule for you to complete when you are able. It’s best to complete the lessons prior to each live session so you’re up to speed on the content before we meet.


How do I get started?

  1. Register your username on the site, or login

  2. Enroll in the course you want to take

  3. Keep an eye out for our email reminders about schedule

  4. Be ready for the Day One Live Session, which takes place at the appointed time as listed in the course description.


What is the typical day or week like at DevCamp?

DevCamp starts with a live session, where you’ll get a brief overview of the course and what to expect. The Live Session will include a demonstration of writing an app in Holochain. You’ll then have a series of lessons, books or workshops to complete each day at your own pace. The content for each day of DevCamp is released at 00:00 UTC, and you are free to login and complete each day’s lessons at your own speed. As needed, you can ask or answer questions from other participants using the discussion forums inside each DevCamp. On day 3, another live session will check in on progress and give you a chance to share what you’ve been working on. Finally, DevCamp ends with a third live session with a Q&A with members of our core development team.


Is it possible to create a hApp if I don't have any coding experience?

Currently, our learning content for hApps is assuming you have coding experience. Future iterations of our learning content may be appropriate for people who have never written code.


How easy or difficult will it be to create a functioning hApp by the end of the DevCamp?

One of the primary benefits of Holochain is just how easy it is to build hApps. Each DevCamp is structured to teach you how to build a functioning app within the 4-5 days of the DevCamp.


What happens if I fall behind or cannot create a hApp?

Because most of the content of DevCamp is self-paced, you can complete the lessons when you are able. Members of the Holo Team will be monitoring our discussion forums during the DevCamp to ensure you are able to successfully complete the course content and build your practice hApp. We encourage you to reach out to other participants using the discussion forums, as well. While we can’t guarantee an outcome for your DevCamp, we do promise to provide the content and support we’ve outlined. If you fully participate in all of the lessons and the live sessions, we are confident you will learn what we’ve outlined in each course description. And, since you may have lots of other questions related to Holochain, we encourage our community to get involved in our Holochain chat channel via mattermost.


Are there software and hardware requirements for the DevCamp?

Any computer with a web browser and ability to run the free Zoom client ( will be sufficient for participating in the DevCamp. To develop an hApp during DevCamp, you'll need a computer that can run the Go platform. You can visit the Getting Started with Go page at to check whether your operating system is supported.


Will we build our hApp on the latest Holochain version?  

Yes! As a participant in a Holochain DevCamp, you'll have access to the very latest Holochain developer kit. DevCamp Alpha (October 25-29) will be using Holochain Proto, our current Holochain release that uses javascript. Future DevCamps will be working in Holochain Rust Alpha. 


Can anyone join the DevCamp?

Anyone is welcome to participate in DevCamp, although we recommend that only those with experience writing code get involved. Registration on our DevCamp web site is required to participate in DevCamp.


What's next after completing the DevCamp?

We’ll share more specific next steps at the end of your DevCamp, but we always encourage you to find a live event near you to participate in, or sign up for future DevCamps as they are scheduled. If you’re not already, be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to stay in touch with Holo.


Registration & Payment Questions

Can I sign up for the DevCamp Alpha if I did not purchase an Indiegogo perk?

Yes, absolutely.


I’m an Indiegogo backer. What if this date doesn’t work for me?

The registration code we sent to you is valid for any one of the first three DevCamps, scheduled for October 2018 - January 2019. We request that you utilize your registration code for one of those three courses.

Is there a time limit for completing the DevCamp?

Yes. Your DevCamp must be completed during the scheduled dates of the course. You’ll have access to the course for 14 days after the end of the course.


How do I view / change my DevCamp registration?

You can view courses that you're registered for from your course homepage at If you need to make a change to your registration, please contact us at and we'll be happy to help!


What is the cost of DevCamp?

DevCamp registration is $250 USD


Do I have to use paypal / what if I don’t want to create a paypal account?

Currently, the DevCamp site only uses paypal to process course registrations. Note that a paypal account is NOT required. On the paypal login screen, click “New Account” to be taken to a new screen, where you can enter credit card information without creating a paypal account.


What if I need to cancel my registration?

DevCamp registrations are non-refundable. You may, however, transfer your registration to another participant up to 24 hours before the start of DevCamp. You may also request a credit for a future DevCamp by contacting



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