Holochain Glossary

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A mathematical algorithm that compactly maps data in a one-way function that is infeasible to invert. The workhorse of modern cryptography. (see Cryptographic Proof).

Hash Chain

The successive use of cryptographic hash functions to a piece of data that allows many single-use keys to be created from a single key.

Holochain ID

The hash identifying and allowing access to a holochain network. This is the hash of the holochain's DNA (application code and data schemas) combined with unique identifying information about the group using this DNA.

Holochain network

A holochain network is a validating distributed hash table (DHT). Every node enforces validation rules on DHT data against the signed chains where the data originated. A holochain network collectively achieves similar security and data distribution to a blockchain system. Holochain networks are designed very differently to blockchains and are more scalable, using cheaper commodity devices to participate in.