Holochain Glossary

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Consistency As Logical Monotonicity. (see Monotonicity)

CAP Theorem

A theorem describing the limitations of sharing stateful data across a network. CAP stands for Consistency, Availability, Partition Tolerance. Consistency means that data requested from two parts of the network has the same value at the same time. Availability means that data can be requested and retrieved immediately from any part of the network. Partition Tolerance means that gaps in network connectivity do not break Consistency or Availability. Consistency and Availability are both possible while the network has no Partitions but real world networks are frequently partitioned. (see Eventual Consistency and PACELC theorem).


Short for Receptor. The distributed application and communications framework that Holochains are one small part of. See Ceptr.org for more information.

Chain Entry

A unit of data added to an agent's source chain.


In the context of decentralized systems, it is the agreement among the nodes about the state of the system.


When all agents involved in a transaction sign that transaction and store it as an entry in each other's source chains.

Cryptographic Proof

A mathematical proof that some data has not been tampered with (hash) or that it was created by a specific author (signature). Usually multiple cryptographic proofs are combined to create a functioning system.