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A record in a source chain recorded by the agent who controls that chain. Public entries are broadcast to the DHT. (see DHT).

Eventual Consistency

Distributed computing term. New data broadcast across an eventually consistent system may be temporarily inconsistent but is guaranteed to eventually become consistent. Holochain is eventually consistent. Consistency in Holochain does not mean global consensus but that each agent knows exactly what was asserted by whom and when. (see Consistency).


A unique instance of a Genome (see Genotype).



Identified as not conforming to app-defined validation rules.

Full Peer

A full holochain peer is a machine running both authoring new entries to its local source chain and participating as a DHT Node for synchronizing shared data. (see DHT and Source Chain).



In Holochain: two hApps with identical genotypes (same code/DNA) but used by different groups to be expressed in different ways. The different expression separates the network, participants and data. (See phenotype and expression)

Global Ledger

A globally shared, immutable and chronological record of all transactions in a particular system.


Communications between nodes in the DHT to collaboratively organise what data each node should be holding, and managing.



A mathematical algorithm that compactly maps data in a one-way function that is infeasible to invert. The workhorse of modern cryptography. (see Cryptographic Proof).

Hash Chain

The successive use of cryptographic hash functions to a piece of data that allows many single-use keys to be created from a single key.

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